What Makes a Great Dance Teacher

Turning Pointe Academy dance teachers

What Makes a Great Dance Teacher

Have you ever had a dream of sharing the beauty and creativity of dance with those who aspire to be artists? If the joy of teaching and guiding others through the language of movement sparks your passion then pursuing a career as a dance teacher might be your calling. Here, at Turning Pointe Dance School we firmly believe that teaching dance is not a skill but an art form. We are dedicated to supporting and mentoring you on your journey, towards becoming a dance teacher. In this article, we answer your question: How to be a dance teacher? Come join us as we explore the intricacies of this profession, discover the range of dance classes we offer in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and meet our team of instructors who are shaping the future of dance education at Turning Pointe.

Guide on How to Be a Dance Teacher

Becoming a dance instructor involves more than mastering dance forms. It requires an understanding of your students igniting their passion for dance and nurturing their talents. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to pursue a career as a dance teacher:

  1. Embrace the Passion for Dance: Cultivate your love for dancing. Let it serve as an inspiration to your students.
  2. Education and Qualifications; Acquire the education and qualifications that are vital in this field much like our esteemed teachers at Turning Pointe.
  3. Effective Teaching Techniques; Learn teaching techniques that cater to students of all ages and skill levels ensuring inclusivity in your classes.
  4. Communication Skills; Develop communication skills that allow you to explain dance concepts in ways that deeply resonate with your students.

By following these steps you will be on your way to fulfilling your dream of becoming a dedicated dance teacher.

Turning Pointe Dance Instructors

Patience and understanding play a role in the teaching career of every dancer. It’s important to recognize that each dancer learns at their pace. Let’s meet the instructors from Turning Pointe Dance;

  • Patricia Sanchez:

      • Over 10 years of teaching experience.
      • Specializes in Classical Ballet, especially Higher Grades and Vocational Syllabus.
      • Joined the Turning Pointe team in 2011.
  • Abiguel Rideout:

      • Started dancing at age three.
      • Completed Musical Theatre training and ISTD Teaching Qualifications.
      • Taught and choreographed in the UK before joining Turning Pointe in Dubai.
  • Linke Snijmann:

      • Winner and gold medalist in Ballet and Improvisation categories.
      • Obtained Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies (CBTS).
      • Joined Turning Pointe in August 2021, with teaching experience in South Africa, China, and the Middle East.
  • Estefanie Madrigal:

      • RAD Associate status (ARAD) and RAD Teaching Certificate.
      • Certified PBT Teacher and Mindfulness & Meditation Instructor.
      • Joined Turning Pointe Team in Abu Dhabi in 2021.
  • Emily Egan:

      • Freelance ballet teacher with broad experience in London.
      • Teaches Contemporary and Beginners Tap.
      • Joined Turning Pointe in August 2023 as part of the Dubai Teaching Team.
  • Ingrid Greef:

      • Trained in the Cecchetti Method from age seven.
      • Graduated with a BA Degree in Behavioural Sciences.
      • Founded Ingrid Schwenke School of Ballet before joining Turning Pointe in September 2021.
  • Jhuliette Chalo:

    • Professional dancer turned teacher.
    • Bilingual in Spanish and English.
    • Excited to teach at Turning Pointe Abu Dhabi from September 2023.

The Artistry of Teaching: Qualities That Define a Great Dance Teacher

Teaching dance is similar to orchestrating a sequence, where the instructor plays the role of a facilitator aiding each individual in finding their rhythm.

An exceptional dance teacher goes beyond mastery of the steps; they embody the spirit of a mentor, motivating and cheering on every dancer. Proficient dance instructors possess communication skills ensuring that every student comprehends and feels at ease. 

They exhibit patience by assisting students through segments and celebrating each accomplishment. 

At Turning Pointe Dance Dance School we take pride in our teachers who’re not skilled in dance alone but also compassionate mentors ensuring that every dancer experiences the delight of learning and expressing themselves through this art form.

Turning Pointes Dance Symphony: A Perfect Blend of Instructor Passion and Technique

If you’re in search of dance teachers nearby you’ll be delighted to know that Turning Pointe Dance School boasts a team of passionate instructors who are ready to accompany you on your dance journey. We offer a range of classes in Dubai that cater to dance styles ensuring an enjoyable and rewarding experience for every student.

Elevate your dance journey by exploring the array of dance classes at Turning Pointe in Dubai. Our aim is to provide a dance education experience for individuals at all skill levels – whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer. Rest assured that each student receives personalized attention and guidance throughout their learning process.

At Turning Pointe we strongly believe in fostering a nurturing environment where aspiring dance teachers can thrive. Join us on this venture as we delve into the art of being a dance teacher allowing the rhythm of teaching dance to resonate within you. Discover the joy that comes with shaping the future of dance, at Turning Pointe Dance School.