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Turning Pointe Students have the opportunity to perform in several shows throughout the year.  Part of their training, besides internationally accredited examinations through the RAD and ISTD is to perform in professional theatres in front of large audiences, this helps to develop their dance confidence, style and projection.

The different Show Categories we have are, TPYB, Dance Dynamix, Kaleidoscope, Annual Gala & the Pre-School Show.  Below is a small description of the different genres of these shows:

These shows are held annually at Dubai Opera and are the highlight of Turning Pointes’ performances, many of the shows going on to win Awards.

TPYB is open to our ballet and contemporary students from 7 years old and upwards.  Auditions take place in October each year with the performance being in June, students are required to make a commitment to attend rehearsals throughout the academic year and to be attending regular Turning Pointe dance classes whilst involved in the show.  The incredibly high standard of the performance is due to the dedication of our teachers and students working diligently together throughout the year.  Costumes and sets are all organized in-house with the collaboration of our sponsors.

Please follow this link to see some highlights of our previous shows. As well as being able to look at individual shows below

Our annual Dance Dynamix Shows are open to all our Non-Ballet Students, giving them an opportunity to perform onstage in front of large audiences. Participation in these shows is optional but has proved very popular with our students.  Shows are held in the summer term and are the highlight of the calendar for many people.  If your sign up for a Contemporary, Hip Hop, Tap or Modern Class you will have a chance to perform in Dance Dynamix.

Kaleidoscope is our Abu Dhabi Annual Showcase held in a beautiful theatre in Abu Dhabi during the summer term. All our Abu Dhabi students are given the choice to participate, giving them the opportunity to show off their dancing skills.

All our little Pre-School budding dancers have their very own show!  We take great care to make this a positive, fun experience for the little ones and over the years we have created many happy memories for both the parents and children.  The focus is on learning whilst having fun, the costumes and make up are amazing – enjoy having a browse through the photos below.

Here, we have put together a short video of some of our Pre-School Show Highlights.

Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi have an Annual Gala and Graduation Ceremony.  This show recognizes the hard work all our exam students have put into their classes by awarding medals and cups in different categories for each genre of dance.  It is also the final opportunity for our students to perform on stage before we close for the summer holidays.  Please enjoy the photos from our past shows below.

Throughout the ceremony, Students were awarded Medals in each Grade for two categories, firstly for the Highest Examination Mark and secondly for Progress and Dedication.  We believe not only should the highest achiever be rewarded but also those who have worked the hardest and improved the most throughout the year.  Also at the Annual ceremony, we award Medals for Excellence in different genres of dance, these awards go to the student we felt achieved the highest standard throughout the whole school, irrelevant of grade or level.

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