Hip Hop

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  • July 19, 2020

Hip Hop

Turning Pointe Hip Hop classes give students the opportunity to learn the foundations of locking, popping and commercial dance, using chart music both old and new.

These are fun and energetic classes, open to girls and boys, with students working towards our yearly hip hop showcase “Dance Dynamix”.


Hip Hop Showreel

History of Hip Hop dance

Unlike other dance forms which have evolved over centuries, this dance style which finds its roots in African dance forms gained popularity only in the 1970s. However, that did not stop Hip Hop from taking the world by storm. While most other dance forms were formal in nature, Hip Hop broke stereotypes and emerged as an informal dance style, performed on the streets of New York, where the crux was in creative expression rather than technique. Rhythm and complex movements were at the core of this dance form which researchers have described as a form of ‘postural semantics’ to convey a form of resistance from the youth residing in the economically repressed neighbourhood of the Bronx in New York. As Hip Hop evolved, Improvised dance sequences and dance battles became important components of the dance form.


Today Hip Hop is among the most popular dance forms with television, dance shows and social media being dominated by Hip Hop music and dance. Even kids today have displayed a fascination with this unique dance form. Turning Pointe has years of experience in teaching children Hip Hop and the nuances of locking, popping, tutting and breaking. If your child is eager to take Hip Hop dance lessons in Dubai, then Turning Pointe is the place to be.

Benefits of Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a highly energetic dance form that engages your body and mind at every point.

Physical benefits

While Hip Hop makes way for greater cardiovascular health, it also engages key muscle groups, paving the way for stronger body muscles and increased flexibility.

Mental benefits

Like other dance forms, Hip Hop also helps overcome stress and improves mental sharpness and concentration. It also helps deal with symptoms of anxiety.

Social benefits

Additionally, Hip Hop is also among one of the dance forms that encourage artistic and creative expression, making room for the performer to experience a sense of validation and self-acceptance through dance.

Best Hip Hop Dance classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi:

If you are on the lookout for the best Hip Hop dance classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, then Turning Pointe is your answer. With a history of imparting Hip Hop to hundreds of students over the decades, Turning Pointe has played a crucial role in shaping Hip Hop in the Middle East. We work with a clear mission of instilling the right technique while simultaneously creating a love for Hip Hop in the hearts of our students.

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